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Musings, Random Oddities by B.J.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Watch this video first.

Finished?  Good.

Soooo...some mousey things descend upon the planet like an alien plague. Then these little mousey things are eaten by the cat-like thing, complete with blood dripping from it's mouth. The mousey things, however, have other plans.  They blow up the cat-like thing with a rocket and escape, again with an explosion of blood. Very violent. And the whole thing repeats. Then the Japanese guy singing has a seizure and yells something like "za bap bap bap BAAAAA!!!!"

Can someone explain this to me?  Yeah, I get that it's some video game or something like that. But it's just so weird....

So very, very weird.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Please Respond

As I write this, my tv is tuned to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart for some reason. (Yeah, I know - who really watches stuff like that besides Chris Matthew's fanboys?) So anyway, I have a question to ask America tonight:

Please Respond As Indicated:
1) Do any of you watch The Daily Show?
2) If you answered yes to 1, then tell me if you actually find him funny?
3) If you answered yes to 2, then tell me exactly when you contracted the AIDS virus (Acquired Intelligence Deficiency Syndrome)

(ADD moment: I misspelled 'deficiency' with a typo, and Firefox's inline spell check offered several alternatives, most notably 'defecation'.  Let the potty humor punchlines commence!)

Sorry, we got WAAY off topic.  Why does Stewart have a show?  He isn't funny.  I had to wipe the sarcasm off my tv several times since Stewart kept dripping it all over the place.  Very sloppy. 

Now my brain is tired from all this - or maybe because it's 1 AM.  Time for some mindless humor...oh wait, I already watched Jon Stewart tonight.  Well, not the humor part - he's not that funny - so I guess only the 'mindless' part applies.  I think I'll put on C-SPAN and see if they're replaying this weekend's House vote on the Pelosi-care bill.  That would be funny, in a 'Oh dear Lord, have these idiots even read the Constitution ever?????' kind of way.

ADD moment:  A see a new TV show - clips of Congress voting or debating all kids of stuff, while being made fun of by the silhouettes of robots in theater seats at the bottom of the screen. Call it "Mystery Congress Theater 2009". Wait, instead of robots, put some guys like Franklin, Washington, Madison, Hamilton, and especially Thomas Jefferson down there, making fun of our elected idiots.

ADD moment within and ADD moment: (That's a nested ADD moment for the nerds among us).  How about an anime kids cartoon along the lines of Voltron or something.  Scanners pick up a monster (or Ro-Beast in Voltron terms) approaching - it's Pelosi-tron!!!   So the Founders launch their ships or whatever to attack Pelosi-tron (or Pelosi-saurus or whatever).  Franklin yells "Firing liberty lasers!" but Pelositron isn't hurt at all.  Jefferson then launches some Separation Of Powers missiles, but she counters that as well.  Then Samuel Jackson, uhh, I mean, Adams yells out that they need to form "Libertytron" or some sort of super weapon robot thing (c'mon, think Voltron and the lions...or am I dating myself here?).  I can imagine it now - as each Founder's little ship joins, the pilot yells out something like "Freedom of the press!", then another "Checks and balances", then another "The rights of man are not granted to him by government, but rather by his Creator - the power of government exists at the pleasure of the people it serves!", then another "Federalism - States still have some sovereign rights under the 10th amendment!".  Then all the Founders' little ships come together to form the big robot thing (like Voltron) - come up with your own anime name.  All I can think of is Constitutionotron. Then Pelositron sees Constitutionotron and roars "More taxes! Bigger governnment!!  Yargh!!!!" or something like that. Then Constitutionotron says "Form 2nd Ammendment KickAss weapon".

(a little explanation:  in the old Voltron cartoon, the monster would attack, then the robot lions would respond unsuccessfully and get kicked around a lot. Only then would one of the lion pilots think about forming Voltron, then doing the "Form Blazing Sword!" thing, at which point Voltron would make this lightsaber thing and dispatch the Ro-Beast. I always wondered why they never just formed Voltron in the first place and whoop the Ro-beast then.)

So Constitutionotron forms the 2nd Amendment Kickass weapon and slices Pelositron in two - just as Barney Frankasaurus attacks from the rear.


Ahh, much better. (Pause while I pick myself up off the floor.)  Wow, that was crazy. Attack "from the rear".  Sorry about that.  Anyway, do you think that would make a good kids cartoon?  I'd like to watch it just to see Thomas Jeffferson get all constitutional on our government's collective butt.

Okay, sorry for the long post, and especially sorry for the ADD moment thing. I should probably go to sleep. Good night.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

This Little Blog Of Mine...

...I'm gonna let it fester in the dark with no posts since August 24th.

Oh, sorry, the post title should be sung to the tune of "This Little Light Of Mine", continuing with the first line of the body. At that point, you should be channeling the sarcasm I intended by NOT finishing that first line in such a fashion as to mimic the previously mentioned song.

Feelin' that sarcasm yet?? Mayhap it be mixed with an undertone of irony. (Read that line in a pirate voice. Arrh!)

So much for witty prose. Yeah, it's been two months plus since the last update - such a long hiatus that some peeps commented about it, attempting to goad me into posting. You know who you are. (wink wink, lol) Anyway, there simply hasn't been anything non-political worth writing about, and my political rants (oops, I meant posts, not rants ha ha)tend to drone on and on with no end in sight.

However, if you want some new content, check out my Flickr photostream. LOT'S of new pics uploaded recently, including this lizard photo.


So go check out those new pics and go slow - that might give me enough time to come up with a good idea for a post.

Monday, August 24, 2009


I sit here watching a stupid promo for some goofball movie (Megashark vs. Giant Octopus) trying not to spew water everywhere (I took a sip of water during the preview, right when the giant shark came out of the water) from laughter. What? You haven't heard of this movie? Well, here's a sneak peak.

(note: There is one bit of NSFW language, but I could forgive the guy. If I was in a plane and noticed a giant shark jump out of the water headed straight for me...well, I might say a choice phrase or two myself.)

Warning: Spoilers!! Did you see the shark jump out of the ocean and attack the plane? (Insert your own 'jump the shark' jokes here). I think there is a sequel being planned: "Snakes On A Plane Attacked By Sharks And Destroyed By Mutant Martian Marmosets". But hey, it would still probably be better than Star Wars Episodes 1-3.

Anyway, the REAL reason for posting was another trailer I came across from The Bad Astronomer, for a new movie all about disasters and such - 2012. For the uninformed, 2012 is the year everything ends because the Mayan calendar stops at that year, or something like that. I mean, those Mayans knew EVERYTHING, right? Anyway, someone edited the 2012 trailer into a comedy - kinda funny, I thought, until the TV showed a megashark attacking a jet plane. (cue old song: I'm Eatin'...On A Jet Plane). And here's the trailer:

Geek humor: What would you get if a thousand megasharks attacked you? A giga-bite. And if you feel the need to leave a comment complaining that the joke should have 1,024 megasharks, you can just shut up. I was aiming for geek humor, not nerdy humor. Get a life.

Nope, not dead.....

...just been too overloaded with various things (translation: too lazy to post but creative enough to try to cover up the non-postiness)

Anyhoo, during the two months since my last post, I have been sorely tempted to launch into some sort of verbal tirade against the enemies of "America According To The Constitution: How Things Should Be But They Just Aren't" before the government censors step in to silence seditious opinions. Yeah, I think I need to cut down my Glenn Beck listening or watching time. Too much of Glenn makes you want to start building your underground bunker and prepare for the collapse of the American economy due to hyperinflation or some other sort of nastiness. So I'm just putting my portable soapbox away for now.

Tonight I was outside with Sam, trying to get some pics of the thumbnail moon. Sam had roamed far away, so after I finished my photos I called for him to come back. I had just made it back to the porch when I heard Sam flying like crazy towards me. Just as he got to the porch, he dropped something he'd carried in his mouth in the bushes next to the porch. The moment I heard the thing drop to the ground, my internal alarm system activated - SNAKE!!! So I grabbed the nearest weapon I could find - the Battle Hoe - and began prodding the bushes to flush the 'snake' out. I'm sure it looked pretty silly - especially when I realized the 'snake' was just a frog. But oh well - I needed to practice my Battle Hoe moves anyway, so no harm done.

Okay, it's late - almost 5 AM - so I'm signing off for now.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sheer Lunacy

Lousy title for my post, but I'm too lazy to come up with something better. Anyone having a better title idea (preferably using some awful Moon-related pun, like I did, only better) can comment or email me. Anywayz...

This is Japan's Kaguya spacecraft, which spent several months orbiting the Moon. You gotta love those Japanese guys - they even thought to include HD cameras which made the video below .possible. Last week, Kaguya slammed into the Moon (on purpose, ha ha), giving us this awesome video of a lunar crash landing.

Best viewed in HD!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

How About Some "-ism"?

No comments. Just a 9 minute video.

Okay, a few comments ;)
This cartoon dates back to 1948, and yet a great deal of it seems to have been snatched from today's headlines. ESPECIALLY when the businessman dude gets the shaft by the GIANT BLUEISH HAND!!! I saw visions of GM's CEO getting a boot to the rump by the GIANT BLUISH HAND of President Obama.

Anyway, they knew about this all the way back in 1948. The rise of Statist philosophy (a better term than 'liberal', because modern liberal thought centers around the State, a powerful, centralized government rather than the more federalist model we used until the first half of the 20th century, where the individual states come together and create a federal government that serves at their pleasure)

Oops, lost my train of thought. I kept typing words like 'statist' and 'federalism' and now I'm about ready to shout out "Go Thomas Jefferson!!!!"

Anyway, here's the vid. Feel free to add your thoughts

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Animal Rescue

As an expert in Abandoned Canine Relocation/Rescue (ACRR), this post is very dear to me. I received this email today: (only pertinent sections are quoted here)

Hi, all you animal lovers!

This is pretty simple... Please tell ten friends to each tell a further ten today!

The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily so they can meet their quota of getting free food donated every day to abused and neglected animals. It takes less than a minute (about 15 seconds) to go to their site and click on the purple box 'fund food for animals for free'. This doesn't cost you a thing.

Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals in exchange for advertising.

Here's the web site! Please pass it along to people you know.

Now, there are MANY things we find on the net that are patently false, especially in emails where 'AOL and Microsoft just released this news last week about a HORRIFIC new virus' or how AOL is tracking this email and they will pay you mucho dinero for fowarding. And there is NO TACO BELL DOG!!!!

Anyway, the link above seems to be legit - not some false internet babbling, or some sort of phishing scam from Nigeria. So, feel free to click it and feed a poor hungry dog (or cat I guess). And if you are in the market for a new dog (or cat, I guess), then please consider adopting from your local animal shelter. That way, the homeless pet population is reduced, AND it keeps money from going to the awful puppy mills. Search 'puppy mills' on Youtube and see how bad they are.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Even More Youtubey Goodness

Is "Youtubey" a word? Well,it is now.

I just found another clip while developing some photos (yeah, yeah - so maybe I was doing more clip watching than developing. What's your point?) and came across this one from a couple years ago. You've all probably seen it unless you live in some underground Dharma station with no internet access - and if that's true, then you have bigger problems to worry about!)

Anyhoo, here it is. And for all of us U.S. Americans, have a great day!

Quick Post, Just For Fun

I've been way too busy lately for much blogging, what with wedding photography, training Samuel Jackson Parker (or just "Sam") to do more than just 'sit', and much more. So, in keeping with the upcoming week's theme of Rain-And-Storms-Pretty-Much-Every-Single-Day, I present to you a clip of several friends on a road trip somewhere, driving through a storm while being pummeled by gigantor hail stones. Note: some minor language in this clip, so be careful who's around when you play it.

The best part? "SHIELD YOUR EYES!!!!" (watch the clip, then you'll understand. What a goober)

Oh, what the heck. Here's another one just for kicks.

And of course, you can go here to see some pics of Sam Parker - more to come soon!